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Can You Believe I Was A Former Personal Trainer?

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This Was Me Prior To Learning The Secrets Of Weight Loss That You May Not Know About If You Are Struggling...
You See, I Found Out A Secret That Helped Me Lose Weight And Keep It Off For Good.
I Was A Personal Trainer At Bally's Years Back... They Did Not Tell Me The Information That I've Learned Now.  After Leaving Bally's (They are out of business in my area) I Became A Driver and Gained A Lot Of Weight.
When I Was A Personal Trainer, All That They Talked About Was Exercise And Do This Exercise And Do That Exercise.  Cross Train And Strength Train.  Do Your Cardio.  They Seldom Talked About The Real Things Making Your Appetite Go Out Of Control.
For Years I Tried Different Gimmicks To Lose Weight.  I Was Exercising, But I Wasn't Getting Anywhere With It. 
At One Point I Tried Working Out For 4 Hours One Day... But Because My Appetite Was So High, Unbelievably I Didn't Lose Anything!  I've Exercised 7 Days A Week Without Losing A Single Pound Because My Appetite Was Out Of Control!
Then I Learned About Eating Different Foods That Control Your Appetite.
You Don't Need To Workout So Much Because After Every Meal You Are Satisfied And Feel Full.  And The Food Tastes Good, You Don't Have To Give Up Your Favorite Foods Totally, You Just Can't Eat Everything You Want All The Time... But Once You Change What You Are Doing, You Won't Want Those Foods As Much And Your Cravings Go Away.
It was actually easier than I thought once I knew the secrets and started to get the hang of it. 
I would lose a massive amount of weight and then plateau for a couple days, but I kept on doing the right things and would break through that plateau.  The weight eventually came off.
One day I decided that I would take my new known secrets and use my former personal training experience and what I knew about excercise to help other people.  So that's what I do now.  I Coach other people to lose weight.   I do it right over the phone, or if you prefer email or if you are around the world I do it through email so I'm not calling you when it's 2:00 in the morning.
All of our services are guaranteed to work or you get free sessions until you break through your plateau and lose the weight promised.  I offer great customer service to my clients and I get you the results you want as fast as possible and for the long term so you will keep it off.  No more yo-yo dieting.  I will personally teach you everything you need to know to finally lose the weight you've always wanted.  No gimmicks, no pills, no expensive diet center foods.  Just the best weight loss advice you could ever receive.  See Guarantee Page